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Loan with Dunia finance Banking 16 Jul 2019

Hi, I have an issue with Dunia finance. So when I first thought a loan (40000) with them they told me the interest was 39% but after receiving the money...


Loan with Dunia finance Banking 16 Jul 2019

Hi, I have an issue with Dunia finance. So when I first thought a loan (40000) with them they told me the interest was 39% but after receiving the money...


Bank Case (am a guarantor) Banking 15 Jul 2019

Hi, I was named as guarantor for a personís loan n now a case has been filed against me as the loan owner hasnít made payment. I lost job in 2017 and...


Debt recovery fail, ask for any pre legal and legal action advise ANY 13 Jul 2019

My debtor took cash and purchased his personal flight tickets by my credit cards and went back Ireland. The total amount is 5000Ä, and I only have the...


Criminal case(Suicide attempt+alcoholic consumption) Criminal 9 Jul 2019

Dear sir/ Madam, Good day to you!!!! For your information, I have an case against me at Al Riffa'a Police station for suicide attempt after consumption...


Visa Cancellation under limited period contract Labor 2 Jul 2019

Good Day!!! I am on a limited contract & have submitted my resignation via mail on 26th of May, 2019. Though I have not received any replyl, I was verbally...

Dear Questioner, Please note that resignation is valid even if the other party rejects. Only important matter is have you served the resignation or not....View

Recovering rental dues Property 26 Jun 2019

A tenant owes me rental dues of about Aed300k & I have a judgement in my favor obligating the tenant to pay this amount. financial claim was lodged at...

if you have order then file an execution.View

Is marriage can be void Civil 9 Jun 2019

Hi i just want to consult about my marriage. i was married last 1997 and was separated (not legally)last 2003 because my ex husband has other woman lived...

Dear Questioner, I understand that you were legally married to you husband in 1997 and since 2002 you are separated. I am not sure, what remedy you...View

Interest bearing money from a friend. Please help ANY 6 Jun 2019

My sister signed as a guarantor to borrow interest bearing money from her friend.The person who borrowed the money left UAE without repaying the borrowed...

Dear Questioner, From the above description I understand that your sister stood as guarantor in a loan. Whether is a loan agreement in existence? If...View

help please. we dont know what to do. please kindly help us.Ramadan Ka Civil 6 Jun 2019

My sister signed as guarantor to borrow interest bearing money from her friend. The person who borrowed the money left UAE.What will happen to my sister....


intelectual proprety for architectural designs Intellectual Property 3 Jun 2019

I am am architect that worked in a large consultant firm. Now I am having my own practice website and wanted to show on it the projects I designed while...

Dear Questioner, To give an accurate advise I need to see the agreement between you and your previous employer. Normally when you work an employer or...View

end of service benefits calculation basis - queries Labor 20 May 2019

Dear Sir/Madam : Mine is a JAFZA Employment Contract, which is an unlimited free zone contract. My services have been arbitrarily terminated on 09 Dec....

Plz Whatsapp fme for consultationView

financial support. how to file a case against husband who abandoned th Family 18 May 2019

how to file a case against husband who abandoned the child and wife because from philippine consulate adviced to go to family court

Visit nearest personal status court and file a case against your husband.View

at the end of limited period contract Labor 18 May 2019

Dear Sir / Madam, I am working in a company in Sharjah under limited contract for the last two years. My labor contract will expire on June 5th, But...

you r under limited contract so no need to issue notice after complete of the time period you can leave the company View


I am on limited contract with 3 months notice period.My visa got renewed and will be expired on 2 nd august of this year. I got another job and I need...

better complete the term otherwise there can be other conciseness for you like ban. View

Difference between visa expiry and contract expiry Labor 11 May 2019

Dear Sir, i am under limited contract with my employer (Sharjah , UAE) . The end date of my contract is shown as june 5th 2019 in the labour contract downloaded...

Hi, a limited term contract is a fixed term contract and is normally linked to the duration of the UAE residency visa and it will automatically terminate...View

Problem with real estate regarding parking fines. Motor Vehicle 4 May 2019

Dear Sir / Madam, I am living in Abu Dhabi. I have a tenancy contract (but not Tawteeq) which says parking is included. Parking is out side the gate...


Tax in India if going to work in Sharjah (UAE) for 2 years Tax 26 Apr 2019

History: I have worked in India for the past 20+ years. I'm not working and no income since 16Apr18. Now I have decided to join a firm in Sharjah as full...

no income tax in UAE and after become a NRI you are also exempted in to pay income tax on your sharjah job salary. View

Advice to take action for breaching consumer law on SOUQ Consumer Protection 26 Apr 2019

I ordered a laptop in souq which I received partly open and not working hence I returned for refund immediately. This happened in Jan 2019.I waited for...


Marriage certificate Family 18 Apr 2019

I have got married UAE in the Dubai courts...and my nationality is indian

Do u wish to marry in Dubai court ?View

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