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Top lawyers in United Arab Emirates are listed as per the question & answer program by pathlegal. The rank of these legal experts are based on the customer rating given on the online answers provided by the lawyers. Each answer has an option where client can choose "like", accordingly whoever score more "like" would appear in the top rank list.

Advocate Imran Khan

civil, criminal, accident claim, corporate, divorce , marriage, death claim, drafting, company law,

Advocate Saif Al Shamsi

litigation, commercial and intellectual property

Advocate Femin Panikkassery

family, migration, death compensation , will , arbitration , labour

Advocate Teddy Idiabeta of Teddy Idiabeta Trans Boundary Practice Law Firm

property law, education law, electricity law, probate law, maritime law, & international mediation

Advocate Imran Khan

civil, criminal, accident claim, corporate, divorce , marriage, death claim, drafting, company law,

Advocate Sherif M ElKhatib

general litigation, bilingual arbitration, bilingual contracts & agreements

Advocate Tony Maalouli

litigation & arbitration, criminal, family, labour, corporate & commerical, construction and banking

Advocate Abbas Elbahrawy

family, property, civil, business, banking n finance

Advocate Ezzeldin Othman

family, criminal, civil, corporate, construction, real estate, labor, rent, property, banking, insur

Advocate Ahmed Al Saaedi

civil, transport law

Advocate M A Farahat

business consultant

Advocate Adv. Methil sasi Kumar

civil criminal,commercial, accident claims,corporate laws, ip laws, etc

Advocate Mohamed Ali Farahat

crimal law, family law, property law

Advocate Zahoor Khan

accident case , criminal case , labour case, civil case, divorce case etc.

Advocate Adv. Abdul Karim Ahmed Bin Eid

accident law, criminal law, family law, civil law, debt collection

Advocate Hussien Salama

family law, property ,real estate, banking and finance, litigation, commercial, companies, criminal,

Advocate Khairallah

corporate, commercial,

Advocate Mohamed Noureldin

corporate, labor, civil, commercial, litigation, real estate, criminal,

Advocate Ahmedfakher

outstanding amounts, bounced chqs, labor claims, end of services, overdue & outstanding invoices


criminal, civil, accident claims, family, labour,ip, legal drafting etc

Advocate MTG Legal Consultant

litigation, commerical, civil, construction, family, criminal,ip, real estate, shipping disputes

Advocate Mohamad Nasser

maritime, shipping and admiralty, corporate, commercial, luxury, hospitality, renewable energy.

Advocate Ezz Eldin

banking, family, insurance, hotels, accidents, criminal, corporate, construction

Advocate Sunil Raju Ambalavelil

drafting, corporate laws, uae civil, construction/real estate laws, banking, finance, labour, jv

Advocate Advocate Yassir Mohammed Haji Obeid

civi, criminal, family,property.

Advocate Khaled Eid

real estate, civil, commercial, labour, immigration, rent committe & arbitration, adr

Advocate Adv Anilkumar Kottiyam

civil criminal family


civil, criminal, property,arbitration, cyber law, commercial law


corporate law, ip law, shipping law, company law, offshore incorporation, real estate law,

Advocate Hari Krishna PM

litigation, corporate, commercial, dubai court, sharjah court

Advocate Ahmed Ramadan

general practicing

Advocate Shabna Anzer

civil, criminal, dispute resolution (adr) arbitration, drafting of legal contracts & review

Advocate YAMINI

criminal law, civil law, commercial law

Advocate Kirti Contractor


Advocate shalini kapila

civil, criminal, dispute resolution (adr) arbitration, drafting, m&a

Advocate Hassan Elhais

criminal law,family law,inheritance law,labour law,arbitration banking law law,civil law

Advocate Naji Merhaby

commercial- real estate-insurance -ip

Advocate Deepak

civil,criminal,family law and insurance

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